The Marcoccio Brothers

“Marcoccio” is our mother’s maiden name. The 3 of us grew up and experienced how a true Italian family lives, so naturally, the characters we portray are taken from bits and pieces of our lives. These personas manifest in a way that is authentic and down right silly at time. We are The Marcoccio Brothers.

Johnny is played by John Pinder. Born in Providence, RI. Moved to Texas in 1997. He is married and has 2 kids. Started in film in 2009, and acted in over a dozen films. John is also a screenwriter.

Stevie is played by Steven Pinder. He is married with 2 kids, and a published children’s book author, who started in Radio 6 years ago. A 6th degree black belts who took his 32 yrs experience to radio & ringside for some of the world’s biggest mma & kickboxing matches, & has color commentated for Chuck Norris’ WCL, Art of War 1, UTS & IFF

Nicky is played by Nicholas Pinder & is the youngest of the 3 brothers. He is a composer/songwriter/music engineer & owns his own music production business called Soulstice Symphony Music, where he composes, arranges & engineers music for film, TV, & commercial advertising. Aside from that, Nick is an accomplished martial artist, & an avid movie lover.

Nga is played by Nga. We don’t know much about her,… yet.

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