Installing X-chat

How To set up xChat to connect to the No Agenda Chat channel:

Download xChat IRC client from here and install:

Once installed, you can double-click on the xChat icon to open.
The xChat: Network List window will open. Fill in your primary nickname as well as alternatives incase your first choice is taken.
Down at the “Networks” list, click on the “Add” button
type: and press the “enter” key
Now, with the ZeroNode server selected, click on the “edit” button
Highlight the “newsserver/6667″ server and choose the “edit” button
or for Secure SSL type: (make sure you set accept self signed certificate )

In the Connect command blank, type: /join #noagenda
In NickServ password type in your password.

xChat is now configured to connect to the ZeroNode server and join the No Agenda channel. It will also register with NickServ for you automatically.

If this is your first time connecting to the No Agenda IRC chat, you will have to register your Nickname with the Nickserv BOT, To do so:

Type: /msg NickServ register YOURPASSWORD YOUREMAIL.

Replace YOURPASSWORD with a password of your choice and replace YOUREMAIL with your email. This will make sure that no one can use your Nickname.

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